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Illinois Landscape Lighting Sales & Service

LED Landscape Lighting Sales and Installation

LED Lighting

LED lighting has come a very long way. Almost any fixture can accept a led bulb. Now you can even choose between warm white and cool white for your led bulbs, and they now will melt the snow around the fixture so your lights will be seen in the winter.

Landscape Up and Down Lighting Sales and Installation

Up/Down Lights

Up lighting and down lighting are the 2 most popular forms of landscape lighting. Up lighting is used for trees, structures, and architecture. Down lighting is used for lighting statues, tables,pathways, and driveways.

Landscape Moon Lighting Sales and Installation

Moon Lighting

Moon lighting is used to cast tree branch shadows on the ground to mimic moon light. this has a dramatic effect on any landscape. It is best to pick an area like the patio, deck, water feature or parking area for moon lighting.

Path Lighting Design and Installation

Path Lighting

Path lighting is used to light path ways, bed lines, and water features. Unlike other landscape lights these fixtures are the landscape lighting fixture that you will always be able to see. that is why there are so many different models.

Landscape Water Lighting, Sales and Installation

Water Lights

Water lights are used to light ponds, waterfalls, pools, and fountains anywhere in the water, or very close to splash range of water, it is necessary to use water lights. Water feature water lights can even be disguised as a rock to fit into your water feature.

Deck Lighting Sales and Installation

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is used to light decks, pergolas, steps, and address posts. These lights can be recessed into the surface or mounted to down light the structure. there are even clip lights that mount under the cap stone of your patio retention wall.

Ground Lights Sales and Installation

Ground Lights

Ground lighting is used to recess into driveways, patios, and sidewalks. If you want your driveway lit up and there are no trees to down light it from, then these lights are the best option. They can be recessed into the brick, concrete, or black top.

Fiber Optic Lights Sales and Installation

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic lighting is used in water features and especially pools. Fiber optic lighting has many colors, and some systems even change colors. These lights are great around water because there is no electricity in the water to run them.

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